50 Greatest NBA Jerseys Of All Time

50 Greatest NBA Jerseys Of All Time

The NBA has seen its fair share of wild jerseys over the past few decades. While some can be associated with memorable moments such as Magic Johnson’s sky hook in the NBA Finals, others are remembered simply for their boldness.

Here are the 50 greatest jerseys in NBA history.

50. 2000s Wizards

49. 2000s Pistons

48. 90s Cavaliers

47. 2000s Raptors

46. NOLA Hornets

45. Brooklyn Nets

44. Late 90s Warriors

43. Early 90s Timberwolves

42. “Shooting Stars” 76ers

41. Late 80s Kings

40. 2000s Grizzlies

39. Early 90s Jazz

38. Late 90s Rockets

37. 90s Heat

36. White “Christmas” Lakers

35. 80s Pistons

34. Early 90s Pacers

33. 80s Celtics

32. 70s Bullets

31. Early 90s Warriors

30. 80s Blazers

29. 2000s Sixers

28. 70s Hawks

27. 90s Sonics

26.1992 All-Star Game

25. Late 90s Timberwolves

24. Late 90s Jazz

23. 80s “Showtime” Lakers

22. 90s Blazers

21. Early 90s Knicks

20. 90s Hawks

19. 2000s Magic

18. 70s Lakers

17. 90s “Split” Kings

16. 80s Hawks

15. “Blackout” Heat

14. 1996 Dream Team

13. 90s Hornets

12. 90s Grizzlies

11. Late 90s Knicks

10. 90s Pistons

9. 90s Raptors

8. 70s Spurs

7. 80s Bulls

6. 1996 NBA All-Star Game

5. Late 90s Kings

4. 90s Suns

3. 90s Magic

2. 90s Bulls

1. 70s Nets

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images

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