BOOM SHAKALAKA! Jimmy Graham Breaks Field Goal Post By Dunking On It (GIF)

Julian Sonny

Jimmy Graham is a special kind of athlete. Standing tall at 6’7″ 265 lbs, he’s pretty much impossible to stop once he gets going, as defensive backs in the league just don’t have the strength to take him down.

He showed just why he might be the premier tight end in the NFL last night against the Atlanta Falcons when he broke off for a huge 44-yard touchdown catch from Drew Brees. Once again, he cannot be stopped.

After the play, Graham went up to do his customary touchdown celebration: the slam dunk. Clearly, he could’ve easily played in the NBA, too.

But this one was special. Not only did he go up for the slam, but he also used both hands, which incidentally broke the field goal post. Arena staff had to fix it before play resumed, but you can really see just what kind of strength this guy has.

Top Photo Courtesy of NFL Network

Julian Sonny



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