Guy Has To Pay Up After Promising To Buy The Whole World Drinks If Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel

Guy Has To Pay Up After Promising To Buy The Whole World Drinks If Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel
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A Twitter user by the name of Fisher King just got a lesson in putting his money where his mouth is when he decided to put up a not-so-improbable wager: If Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel and did the money sign, he would buy everyone in the world drinks.

Well, during the fourth quarter of the Rams vs. Browns preseason game on Sunday, guess what happened? Michael Sam got around the tackle, sacked Johnny Manziel and did the money sign just like Fisher prophesied. Well, damn!

While Fisher’s initial reaction was joy for Sam making the big play, he was soon brought back down to earth when he realized his tweet had gone viral. So, the world is wondering, Fisher, are you a man of your word?

Things really started to sink in when all of the major media sites picked up the story. Surely he would look like the biggest assh*le in the world if he didn’t carry out his ambitious promise for all of humanity, right?

It sounds like he knows exactly what he’s done, and by Twitter law, once a wagered tweet goes viral, the user must keep his promise or be banished from the social media network for the rest of his virtual life.

Clearly, he was being sarcastic about that tweet, but Fisher backpedaled quickly and decided he could make it up to the world by donating to Michael Sam’s favorite charity. I guess that is a little more noble than getting everyone wasted.

Then the Twitterverse really started to have its way with him and Fisher cracked. He felt just how hateful people can get when they don’t receive their promised free drinks, and it’s safe to say he learned a valuable lesson that day.

But then Michael Sam himself came in to save the day when he heard the news and tweeted at Fisher. I don’t think anyone thought this was going to blow up into a big deal.

Fisher, of course, did the right thing, and with the world watching, he donated to the Boys & Girls club of greater STL.

Twitter is a wild place. Remember, never write a check that your ass can’t cash. Fisher finally knows his place in society, and for him, it’s back to being nobody again. We hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes!

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