The Swaggiest Style Moments Of The 2014 NBA Draft

The Swaggiest Style Moments Of The 2014 NBA Draft
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It seems like this year’s draftees are already preparing themselves for the NBA limelight, as many prospects impressed viewers with their creatively styled and perfectly tailored suits at last week’s NBA Draft.

Here are some of the swaggiest style moments from last week, just in case you missed it:

Andrew Wiggins rocks black-and-white floral with bowtie

Did you know that Wiggins’ floral jacket was originally supposed to be Dalmatian print? When stylist Brandon Williams found that the Dalmatian print was sold out, he had to scramble.

Fortunately, Williams found this dope black-and-white floral print for the jacket to help his client stand out from the rest of the draftees… as if being the number-one pick wasn’t enough.

Dante Exum’s icy watch

The number-five overall pick, Dante Exum kept it simple and chic with an all-grey suit, black tie and white shirt; yet, he accessorized the look with some wrist and lapel bling from Jason of Beverly Hills.

This high-end jewelry designer provided bling for many of the top draftees, including Wiggins, Gordon, Smart and more.

Aaron Gordon foresees playing for the Orlando Magic

No one questions Aaron Gordon’s abilities on the court, and I’m sure most were thrilled for the young talent when he was called early at number four.

Gordon rocked a head-to-toe cobalt blue suit, matching almost perfectly to the team colors of the Orlando Magic who selected him. Coincidence or nah?

Marcus Smart’s life story inside his suit jacket

Marcus Smart’s draft suit was simple and chic on the outside, with personal life messages on the inside. Some of the details included his home state of Texas, his basketball number and a cancer ribbon with “RIP” in honor of his brother.

The interior design took artist Kristina Webb 12 hours to complete.


Jace Lumley, GQ

marcus-smart-nba-draft-2014-05 Jace Lumley, GQ

Adreian Payne’s colorful suit in honor of a young fan

Atlanta Hawks draftee Adreian Payne was swagged-out in pink trousers and a checkered jacket, accessorized with a pink-and-white bowtie.

The colors of Payne’s ensemble were dedicated to honor Lacey Holsworth, an 8-year-old fan Payne grew close with who unfortunately passed away from cancer in April. He even had the words “Adreian and Lacey” stitched on the inside of his jacket… too sweet.

Zach LaVine’s classic suit and priceless reaction to being drafted

Following the trend of personal meanings inside the draftees’ suit jackets, Zach LaVine’s interior pocket displayed, “I never said it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it.”

LaVine looked chic in his all-navy suit and even added some verbal swag in his emotion-filled reaction to being drafted. Anyone who knows or has worked with Zach knows that what he mumbled under his breath was simply a candid reaction to years of hard work and ultimately, his dreams coming true.

It sure did make for a great Vine.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

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