The Great Debate: Mark Sanchez Vs Tim Tebow

Preston Waters

The sports world was in shock yesterday as word surfaced that Tim Tebow had been traded from Denver to the New York Jets. After securing a multimillion-dollar contract with current quarterback, Mark Sanchez, fans everywhere are left questioning how both super star athletes would fit into the offensive rotation. This week we analyze the GQ worthy quarterbacks: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Men want to be them and women want to be on top of them. Blessed with looks that can kill and arms made out of pure gold, it’s hard to not envy these two men.

America’s most cherished sport of football is seeing a shift in the dynamic of its elite position. The most coveted position of quarterback has been dominated by the likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning for the last 5 years, but with the media attention focusing on younger players, it’s about time we take a closer look at the sport’s rising stars.

As many comparisons as one would like to draw between these two legends in the making, the two could not be any more different.


Mark Sanchez has done his best to keep his All-American image, but it’s been a rather horrid job thus far. Even as a red-shirt freshman for the Trojans of Southern California, his name was marred with allegations of rape by a fellow USC coed. His issues with under aged drinking and women have followed him to New York. There were further allegations of him bedding a 17-year-old reveler on New Years Eve that he courted at LAVO. Through sheer luck or extensive pre-meditation, Sanchez was able to escape scandal as the age of consent in New Jersey had him in the clear. Unfortunately, these scandals are also the highlights of Sanchez’s professional career as a football player. Although he’s demonstrated flashes of brilliance in the NFL, his career as a whole has been undoubtedly inconsistent. I’m sure many of you may find this to be debatable, but numbers don’t lie and no one ever remembers who is second best. In New York, it’s bring home the parade or get off the field.

His new competitor and teammate, Tim Tebow, has done nothing but demonstrate what it is to be a man in the 21st century. As many Tebow-haters there are in the world wanting to see him fail, no one can deny that Tim serves as the only positive role model anyone has to look up to these days. Never getting caught up in his own hype and maintaining an unbelievable sense of humility throughout all his media coverage and hype, we would be very happy to have our unborn children look up to him. Off the field Tebow has launched numerous charities in the United States as well as in the Philippines. Being a Philippines-born child has given him the opportunity to return to the country often, and he has donated countless hours and financial support to children half a world away from his stardom in the states.

We’ve already established the fact that Tebow is most likely a better person than Sanchez, but what about on the field?


The College Years

Although both players were in the same class year, we have decided to compare statistics from their last season in college as well as their overall collegiate career accolades. 

Sanchez, USC (Junior Season):

3,207 passing yards

34 passing touchdowns

65.8% completion percentage

16 rushes, 3 rushing touchdowns


Rose Bowl Champion (2009)

Rose Bowl MVP (2009)

First Team All-Pac 10 (2009)

Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Weekly All-American Honorable Mention (2009)

Tebow, Florida  (Senior Season):

2,895 passing yards

21 passing touchdowns

67.8% completion percentage

910 ruses, 14 rushing touchdowns


2× BCS National Championship (2007, 2009)

2× SEC Championship (2006, 2008)

2× First-team All-American (2007, 2008)

Second-team All-American (2009)

3× First-team All-SEC (2007, 2008, 2009)

AP Player of the Year (2007)

Davey O’Brien Award (2007)

2× Maxwell Award (2007, 2008)

Heisman Trophy (2007)

Quarterback of the Year (2007)

Manning Award (2008)

William V. Campbell Trophy (2009)

Winner: Tebow — While both led prestigious college careers and experienced all the perks and benefits of being a superstar student-athlete, Tebow easily edges Sanchez due to his plethora of accolades including two national titles and a Heisman winning season. However it should be noted that Sanchez only had one season of actual playing time when he started his Junior season in 2008.


The Draft Pick & Contract

Although they were in the same class, Sanchez was drafted in 2009 when he decided leave early after his junior year and Tebow was drafted in 2010 after playing out his senior season.

Sanchez, Jets:

2009 1st Round Pick, #5 Overall

5 year, $50,000,000 contract ($28,000,000 guaranteed)


Tebow, Broncos:

2010 1st Round Pick, #25 Overall

5 year, $33,000,000 contract ($8,700,000 guaranteed)


Winner: Sanchez — Although Tebow had a more prolific college career, Sanchez was marketed as more of a pro-style quarterback which garnered him a higher draft pick and subsequently a higher paying contract.


Proving it in the NFL 

Their 2011 NFL Regular Season Statistics.

Sanchez (16 games):

3,474 passing yards

26 passing touchdowns

56.7% completion percentage

103 rushing yards, 6 rushing touchdowns


Tebow (14 games)

1,729 passing yards

12 passing touchdowns

46.5% completion percentage

910 rushing yards, 6 rushing touchdowns


Winner: Sanchez – Any man that can lead players of both teams to an after-game prayer is someone to watch for. We have nothing but respect for him being able to do that. However, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Sanchez is a solid quarterback who has led the New York Jets to 2 conference championships. Tebow exudes the clutch factor, but he is not nearly as reliable as Sanchez.


Worst Moments

The only moments that made us question their manhood.

Sanchez flinches when a Bills defender scares him

Tebow crying after losing the SEC Championship game

Winner: Tebow — So what if he cried? He’s human. Real men show their emotions. The fact that tears are his only weakness is a little bit intimidating


The Women

Notable girls that each star has been linked to.

Sanchez -Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, The infamous 17 Year Old


Tebow – Taylor Swift


Winner: Tebow–First off, Mark, get away from our girl, Kate. You’re not good for her. Secondly, the fact that Tebow is a virgin has us all a little thrown off and jealous that he gets so much female attention and simply chooses to ignore it — That’s some second coming of Christ type of sh*t.


The Great Debate Winner: Tim Tebow. He displays nothing but class on and off the field. Although we hate the excessive ESPN coverage and the hype, we can’t avoid admitting he is the future of football. Watch out though, Linsanity and Tebowmania in one city might give Skip Bayless a heart attack.



Preston Waters


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