Jerry Jones’ Reaction To Tony Romo’s Late-Game Interception Is Priceless (Video)

Jerry Jones’ Reaction To Tony Romo’s Late-Game Interception Is Priceless (Video)
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Tony Romo played the game of his life last night when he threw for 506 yards and five touchdowns to torch the Denver Broncos defense and hang up 48 impressive points.

But in typical Tony Romo fashion, he choked big time, throwing a late-game interception that would seal his fate and secure another loss for the Dallas Cowboys. How many times have we seen this, already? Just look at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones‘ face. His expression says it all.

What a shame that Romo can’t pull off a two-minute drill and lead his team to victory with the game tied. The scenario was set up perfectly for him, yet he did what we all expected him to do and make a monumental mental error.

That six-year, $108 million deal is looking like a big waste right about now. At 2-3 on the season, the Cowboys aren’t looking like anything spectacular, and besides Dez Bryant, it looks like all their players have pretty much maxed out their potential. Oh well, at least Romo’s wife is still hot.



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