Where Did It Go? LeBron’s Hairline Went From 100 To 0, Real Quick (Photos)

Just like that, LeBron James’ hairline is back at ground zero.

After James seemingly revived his once-dead hairline just a few weeks ago, leaving fans wondering what his trick was, the Cleveland Cavaliers star was seen at practice over the weekend with a hairline that appeared to have reversed.

A short trail of photos shows just how truly bizarre this episode is.

Here is LeBron at a Nike event, not too long ago:

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// ]]>Here he is sitting down with CNN’s Rachel Nichols last week:

In photos from his first practice session with the Cavaliers, which appeared on the website of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s site, he looks like this:

All of these photos lead us to ask one question: What type of magic did LeBron use on his hair in the first place? Whatever it was, it didn’t last long.

H/T: Deadspin, Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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Joseph Milord