Somebody Made A Statistical Breakdown Of Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s Most Used Catchphrases This Season

Walt Frazier, more commonly known as Clyde, is unique among NBA color commentators for the very personal flavor he brings to the booth.

His passion for bold style extends to his love for pretty and poetic phrasings, as he couches his observations about the improvisational sport in rhyming pairs of verbs.

The former Knick and NBA legend won two championships (with Phil Jackson as a teammate) in ’70 and ’73, in addition to racking up seven All Star appearances and seven All Defensive First Teams.

All of his clever quips are informed by his own personal philosophy of basketball; preaching teamness and effort, celebrating successes and criticizing selfish play.

One dedicated Knicks fan took it upon himself to watch every second of every broadcast of every Knicks game this season, and cataloged each time that Frazier uttered a “Clydeism.” The results of his intensive research are enlightening. Check the specs:

Top 20 most frequently said Clydeisms in 2013-2014 season (as of 3/28/14)

ClydeismUsage Per Game
Dishing and Swishing1.14
See the ball See your man0.94
Posting and Toasting0.70
Moving and Grooving0.66
Wheeling and Dealing0.66
Shaking and Baking0.64
Slicing and Dicing0.57
Hacking and Whacking0.55
Stumbling and Bumbling0.43
Bounding and Astounding0.36
Huffing and Stuffing0.34
Spinning and Winning0.32
Knicks with the Knack0.27
Swooping and Hooping0.27
Stopping and Popping0.27
Dancing and Prancing0.25
Hounding and Pounding0.23
Draining and Paining0.20
Hustling and Muscling0.20
Fire and Desire0.20

Considering the Knicks’ terrible defense this year, it comes as no surprise that Clyde keeps harping on seeing the ball and seeing your man. And despite the overall offensive struggles for the orange and blue, Carmelo Anthony has kept on doing what he was put on this earth to do, posting and toasting until the apocalypse.

As you see, Frazier definitely gets into his flow a little better during wins, but his W-L splits are remarkably consistent.

Clydeisms by game outcome


In fact, only two of his top 10 “Clydeism” games were wins. If we cut out the outliers, it would seem that he is more likely to speak with swing during wins, but in an epic loss he is bound to be more profuse.

2013-2014 Knicks games with most Clydeisms

Game DateOpponentOutcome# of Clydeisms
2/1/2014HeatL 106-9125
3/25/2014LakersL 127-9621
11/20/2013PacersL 103-9619
2/12/2014KingsL 106-10119
11/27/2013ClippersL 93-8018
12/10/2013CavaliersL 109-9418
1/5/2014MavericksW 98-8018
1/7/2014PistonsW 89-8518
3/23/2014CavaliersL 106-10018
1/14/2014BobcatsL 108-9817

Strangely, he tends to speak in rhymes more frequently when out of his long-time home base of Madison Square Garden. The Knicks have essentially the same home-away record, at 16-21 in MSG and 16-22 visiting other teams.

Clydeisms by game location


For whatever reason, he puts on a little bit more of a show on the road. Maybe because all Knicks fans are watching on TV instead of actually being in the arena?

Regardless, this survey is a monumental achievement in the NBAs statistical revolution and obsessive fanhood. An undeniable tribute to the man who made these sounds mean more than a collection of syllables, we should all appreciate Frazier’s relentless execution of his pet phrases, making the game more entertaining for all of us.

Oh, and a huge shout out to Chi Nwogu for doing all of this work.

via BSports, Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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