The Dumbest College Athletes Of All Time

The Dumbest College Athletes Of All Time
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We all know college athletes aren’t the smartest people of their respective schools. Some of us even question how they got into the school in the first place. There are many loopholes colleges use in order to attract players who, without a doubt, aren’t eligible academically to join the school.

The problem is that these athletes go to these schools and begin taking things for granted. They aren’t aware of the fact that they wouldn’t have ever gotten into that particular school if it weren’t for their athletic ability. On top of that, they walk around campus as if they are untouchable.

Many of these athletes find out the hard way that they are actually human and that the law does not care who you are. If you step out of line, ‘the man’ has no problem putting you in your place. From the star, to the bench warmer, they each are held accountable for their actions. Here are the ten dumbest athletes:

Tyrann Mathieu


There is no doubt in our minds that Tyrann is an exceptional player as he was a Heisman Trophy finalist as a defensive player. Although he may be great on the field, Tyrann has trouble staying out of cyphers. This cornerback may be able to pass school exams, but for some reason, passing a drug test is a problem. He has failed multiple drug tests and has been undergoing counseling for his marijuana issue, but it doesn’t look like it has helped as he continues to fail tests.

Varez Ward


The ex-Auburn guard has been arrested for allegedly trying to fix games. As he didn’t see a future in the NBA, maybe he felt this was his best way of making money. He formulated an intricate plot that even included the help of his teammates. According to the case, Varez offered money to teammates to help fix games in the 2011-12 season. He even faked injuries in order to keep himself out of games, as he exited one game after playing a mere 19 seconds with what was said to be a “leg injury.”

Steven Roundtree


Steven played basketball for Oral Roberts University and was known for his bad temper. His story is ridiculous, as Steven was arrested for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. Yes, we said pregnant girlfriend. Steven attempted to suffocate her in multiple ways. He was accused of pushing his girl down and holding a pillow over her face in an attempt to suffocate her. During the altercation Steven even put his hands around his girlfriend’s throat to choke her. As if it couldn’t get any better, he stole her car in an attempt to flee from police. It is safe to say that Steven is a world class idiot.

Alabama Freshmen


A total of four Alabama freshmen were dismissed by the school back in February after they were each charged with second degree robbery and credit card fraud. Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes, DJ Pettway and Brent Calloway were all arrested for second degree robbery when they assaulted two other students on the Tuscaloosa campus. After robbing the students, they attempted to use the stolen credit cards to make a purchase. This has to be some dumb group of freshmen.

Devonta Pollard


This Alabama forward is just plain ol’ reckless in every sense of the word. According to multiple reports, Pollard was arrested for kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Devonta was involved in the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl in Mississippi. The six year old was taken from her school and a text was sent to her mother telling her not to call the police. Fortunately the girl was found unharmed on the side of a road in Enterprise, Mississippi.

Carlton Dotson


This is a scandal that shook the whole Baylor University community as it was a real shock to the students. Carlton Dotson was arrested and found guilty in the murder of his basketball teammate Patrick Dennehy and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Patrick went missing for a few days and this raised suspicion. Carlton later told a cousin that he had killed Patrick after they had an argument while firing guns in the Waco area. A badly decomposed body was found in a gravel pit in Waco and it was later determined that this was Patrick’s body.

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson, the guard for San Diego, was the school’s all time leader in assists and points, however a little run in with the law landed him 6 months in federal prison. Although he led the school in points, he also led the school in point shaving. He was involved in a point shaving scandal that scored more than $120K in profits. Although this was a top to bottom scheme, Brandon’s involvement became evident in a 2011 investigation of the school.

Jabaal Sheard


Jabaal, a feared Defensive End for Pittsburgh took his vicious tenacity off the field as he was charged for aggravated assault, along with resisting arrest. It has been reported that this potential second round pick was involved in an altercation at an art gallery. During the altercation, Jabaal allegedly threw a man through a glass door and as police arrived, he continued to punch the victim in the face.

Chris Martin


It seems like Defensive Ends need to keep their roid-rage on the field. Chris Martin, from the University of Kansas, was arrested on charges of armed robbery. At the age of 21, he was facing time for aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, and kidnapping. Polive said Martin was involved in stealing cash and marijuana from victims at gunpoint.

Duke Lacrosse


We all know this famous Duke lacrosse scandal.The lacrosse house hired dancers for their team party. Of the two dancers, one says she was sexually assaulted by three members of the team. This was a shock to the whole program as it led to the cancellation of the remainder of the lacrosse season and the resignation of the coach.

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