The Things You Didn’t Know About LeBron James

Preston Waters

LeBron James is perhaps the single most physically gifted athlete of all time. He has been a rock star since his freshman year of high school and has lived in the limelight ever since. However with all this skill comes a tremendous amount of scrutiny.

So one would think there is all to know about this sports phenom. Wrong, there is much more behind the man with the receding hairline.

Here are the things that you didn’t know about LeBron James.

12. When LeBron left Cleveland for Miami, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who also plays a role in the company that produces Fatheads, cut the price of LeBron’s fathead to $17.41 — the year of Benedict Arnold’s birth

11. Even though “The Decision” was a widely reviled event, it produced $2.5 million in charity for the Boys & Girls Club of America. Also Kanye West was there.

10. Despite growing up in Ohio, LeBron is a Yankees, Bulls, and Cowboys fan.

9. LeBron donated $20,000 to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

8. In high school, LeBron was part of a group that called themselves the “Fab Four.” They passed over mostly black Akron school Buchtel to attend St. Vincent — St. Mary, which made them cover their tattoos during games.

7. LeBron’s a part-owner of English Premier League club Liverpool FC.

6. LeBron became friends with Jay-Z around the same time that Kanye West did.

5. During his senior year, tickets to St. Vincent — St. Mary games he was playing in would routinely go for $100-$120.

4. LeBron unsuccessfully petitioned to be allowed to declare for the NBA Draft after his junior year of high school.

3. LeBron’s surrogate father (left), Eddie Jackson, spent three years in jail for cocaine trafficking charges.

2. LeBron’s mother, Gloria, had him when she was 16.

1. LeBron was an All-State wide-receiver in high school.

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Preston Waters


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