Top 10 Most Disappointing Players Of The NBA Season

Top 10 Most Disappointing Players Of The NBA Season
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Tis the NBA season where we have a full 82 games to be thankful for. We get to see the rise of new names and faces in addition to some of our favorite players decline in terms of overall performance and consistency. Here are your top 10 most disappointing players so far this season.

10. Tyreke Evans

The former Top 5 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft showed a lot of talent and promise in this league after becoming Rookie of the Year. Since then, Evans has been going backwards in production while his point average has dropped 6 points since 2009-2010 season. Sacramento has also decided not to give him a contract extension which shows which direction they will be moving in for the near future.
9. Rodney Stuckey

Stuckey has shown progress in the development of his talent since his rookie season. Now, 50 Cent’s twin’s stats have dropped across the board, with his field goal percentage being the lowest it’s ever been in his career. Pretty sure there are 21 questions we can ask on how this is possible.
8. Pau Gasol

The “finessed” Spaniard has had a pretty busy basketball timeline over the past four years, playing in consecutive deep runs in the postseason along with two Olympic games. His stats, however have been declining as of late drawing discussions of on and off trade talks for the big man and his value to the team as well.
7. Eric Gordon

The former Los Angeles Clipper has not been the same player he was since being sent the to the New Orleans Hornets in the blockbuster trade for Chris Paul. Gordon has showed he can be an elite scorer in this league when healthy.
Yet, he has not been effective for the Hornets after only playing 9 games this past season. The front office of the Hornets has to consider if it was mistake to give him the max deal worth $58 million dollars.

6. Roy Hibbert

Hibbert has been a focal point of the Indiana Pacers, making enough improvements to be remembered as a truly valuable center. Recently becoming an all-star and receiving a max deal also worth $58 million dollars, the big man is only scoring 9 ppg and shooting 38%.

5. Lamar Odom

The debacle of Odom’s career started when Mavericks owner Mark Cuban decided to move him down to D-Leauge for a total of one day. Dallas decided to trade the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year to the Los Angeles Clippers where many believe he would truly shine once again.
Odom has came into training camp out of shape and refused to play in the 2012 Olympics because of this very reason. This is why I do not believe he can be the same player we once knew as “The Goods”.

4. Amar’e Stoudemire

The 2010-2011 season was a promising one for the $100 million dollar man for his first year with the New York Knicks, until Carmelo Anthony came along. The lack of success the Knicks had with Anthony and Stoudemire drew many questions in regards to the two coexisting in New York together.

Punching a fire extinguisher along with breaking your hand during a first round battle with the Miami Heat does not help the team as well. And now starting the season on the sidelines while your team is off to the best start and his name being tossed around in trade talks with the Lakers whips up the recipe for his campaign on staying in New York being cut short.

3. Jeremy Lin

The fans of the Knicks had Linsanity over the play of Jeremy Lin providing a spark that was much needed at the time for the Knicks. Since his 15 minutes of fame, Lin has moved to Houston for $25 million dollars making him the face of the franchise over the off-season.

Lin should thank James Harden for that. Since coming to the Rockets, Lin’s playing has dropped dramatically as he shoots 37% and only averages 10 ppg.

2. Andrew Bynum

Immaturity and injuries has plagued Bynum’s career since he has came into the NBA. Last year, he proved he is arguably the best center in the league by averaging 18 ppg while grabbing 11 rpg in the process. Ever since being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, the only thing that has increased about Bynum is his hair. He has become a burden to the team, as word has gotten out that the 76ers are indeed planning their future without him.

1. Washington Wizards Team

The Washington Wizards made moves over the off season to surround the young point guard John Wall with veteran leadership and talent to make him a much more efficient player. Washington began the season starting 0-2 by not having the franchise player available along with last year’s mid-season acquisition, Nene.

The Wizards have become the Charlotte Bobcats of this season, starting the season 1-12 with more than a few embarrassing losses. Something has to change, and fast. President Barack Obama for Head Coach?

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