NBA Players Need Love Too: Raptors’ Greivis Vasquez Caught On Tinder In Philly Before Tonight’s Game

NBA Players Need Love Too: Raptors’ Greivis Vasquez Caught On Tinder In Philly Before Tonight’s Game
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Apparently, Toronto Raptors point guard Greivis Vasquez doesn’t ride much else than the bench. Thursday night near Philadelphia, the former University of Maryland basketball prodigy was active on the mobile dating platform, Tinder.

Vasquez’s profile may say that he’s bilingually living a dream, but it seems he’s not living the dream. Apparently, he’s neither scoring much on the court nor in the bedroom, but maybe his luck will turn tonight when the Raptors play the 76ers in Philadelphia. Poor Greivis; plenty of us peak in college.









Top Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

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