The Alpha Female & Beta Female

The Alpha Female & Beta Female
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Following the study on Alpha and Beta males, one finds that the same method can be conducted on women as well. In order to help you elite bachelors understand the opposite sex better and their social patterns, please find the equivalent model to provide you with information on how to distinguish the two categories. We strongly encourage you to take notes, as different strategies should be applied depending on the type of woman you choose; both for casual sex or as a future wife.

The Alpha Female

The alpha female is a tough negotiator. She knows her value, and knows there is more to her than looks. She is the leader-type and constantly surrounded by a group of admiring subordinates. Executive decisions such as where to go, what drinks to order, what guys to talk to, all fall under the jurisdiction of the alpha female. Not necessarily the most beautiful in her circle of friends, the alpha female knows that brains are what will take her the farthest. Topics like politics, economy, business and law interests her, and she discusses these global issues without difficulty. She does not take directions from men; the alpha females make the calls. She is cynical and sarcastic in her language, but always with a certain charm.

She believes most men are more or less worthless and that women should be treated as goddesses. She’s an opportunist and serious about her career, and uses her networking and sexual skills to the max to get where she wants. The alpha female, being intelligent both intellectually and emotionally, knows how to manipulate a man. She has a man’s determination, but uses a feminine approach to get her way. Either with a powerful partner or a toyboy on her side, she is sure to stir attention wherever she goes, something she fully enjoys. Men are either intrigued by her or intimidated.

Famous Alpha women: Blair Waldorf, Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth I, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel, Samantha Jones (SATC), Angelina Jolie, Anna Wintour

Alpha female quotes: “The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don’t know how to screw you.” -Samantha Jones

Alpha females favorite films: Tomb Raider, Monster, Jeanne d’Arc, The Devil Wears Prada, Erin Brockovic

Alpha females shop at: Versace, Gucci, Cavalli (and everywhere else where you find leopard print and leather pants).

Alpha females field of occupation: High ranked-positions politics, PR, fashion, finance, fashion, editorial etc. or power-wife of a president/CEO/other form of billionaire.

Alpha female songs: “I don’t need a man”- Pussycat Dolls, “Respect”- Aretha Franklin, “Piece of me”- Britney Spears

Alpha female pros

The alpha female is playful and interesting. She will make sure to be entertaining and confident as she entertains you. She intrigues her man with her broad knowledge and makes him laugh. She won’t be needy and call 500 times a day. She has other things to do. As she plans to be financially independent, she won’t rely on her husband too much in those matters. She will bring passion to the relationship, always making it interesting. Being sexually confident, she will take you places you had little idea of existed, and will be open to trying new things. Having a broad network of important contacts, she will gladly introduce you to her circle of royalties, socialites and other influential individuals. Having an alpha woman as your date will increase your stock on the social scene.

Alpha females cons

Alpha females are known for being bitches. She will make sure to create drama and exaggerate things to the max. She’s possessive and sometimes jealous. You can forget about “poker nights” and similar, the alpha woman will decide who you meet and when. Fighting with her will make things worse, we suggest that you just nod and say “sorry” a couple of times to resolve any issues that might occur, as the alpha female won’t be the one crawling back. Don’t expect her to accept her place in the kitchen, because she is far too evolved for that. She’s demanding and might as well ask her husband to clean, cook and take care of the children.

Advice for the ones pursuing the alpha female: Any forward attempts to woo a herd of women should always be focused on convincing the Alpha Female, because if the alpha female goes, the rest of the skirts will go too. The alpha female is typically the angriest of the group, often a result of poor treatment from past boyfriends. The alpha female’s wrath is dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution.

The Beta Female

The beta female is the sweet, caring and demure woman you men may dream of. She is feminine and enjoys simple pleasures in life such as cooking, taking her dog for a walk, watering her flowers and decorating the house. She has an artistic eye and loves beauty above anything. Fashion, decoration and art interest her. She’s the alpha’s right hand and gives her intelligent, insightful evaluations concerning love, friendship and morals when Alpha is lost.

She knows when to be silent and speaks her opinion only with the utmost diplomacy. Betas are often spiritual and emotional. They have a woman’s intuition. She’s communicative and attentive. She has no problem following someone else and taking orders does not intimidate her. She’s down-to-earth and humble. She is comfortable with the traditional gender role of women taking care of the needs of their husbands. A Beta is never an Alpha-wannabe, she’s comfortable with who she is. Secretly she hates feminists, and thinks feminists are against everything that is in fact feminine.

Famous beta women: Charlotte York (SATC), Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston, Mother Theresa, Serena van der Woodsen

Beta female quotes: “A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night”. -Marilyn Monroe

Beta females favorite films: Gentlemen prefer blondes, Bridget Jones Diary, Legally Blonde

Beta females shop at: Prada, Paul & Joe, Miu Miu, Chanel (and everywhere else where you get pink and cute stuff)

Beta females field of occupation: Florists, art-gallery curators, fashion, marketing, culinary business, and interior decoration

Beta female songs: “Girls just want to have fun”- Cindy Lauper “, “Cater 2 You” – Destiny’s Child, “Stop! In the name of Love”- Diana Ross & The Supremes

Beta females pros

Beta is sweet, catering and considerate. She’s the perfect housewife; comfortable in the kitchen and a good mother. She’s feminine and loves dressing up to please her man. She’s girly and does not challenge her man intellectually (at least not in public). She’s a romantic and dreams of a calm and comfortable life. She is an excellent cook, and will treat her man with delicious meals ever night after a long day at work. She will also be the perfect hostess, and gracefully entertain your clients at your dinner parties. The beta female is sensitive: rather than shouting and being aggressive, she shows her discontent with tears and a pouting lip. However, the beta is also generous with smiles and compliments and will treat her husband like a king.

Beta females cons

Beta females can be somewhat ditsy and silly, not always known for their intellectual side. Forget about trying to have somewhat of an intellectual conversation, the Beta will not respond with more than a smile. Beta-females follow orders without questioning and can be naive. Betas lack the strong self-esteem the alpha possesses. They also get emotional, but turn to tears and sobbing rather than threatening words to get their will through. Alpha females may intimidate her. Beta is passive in her relationships, expecting the man to do most of the work/talking/acting. She will never take the first step to seduction, and be prepared as a man that she will expect you to pick up the bill for most of the expenses.

Advice for the ones pursuing the Beta: Betas are shy and subservient. Any attempt to pursue her is time-consuming, however if done right; rewarding. Betas need to feel the sense of being chased and courted. Flowers, chocolate and regular phone-calls are therefore in place. Gentleman-manners are required. Persistence is key word here. Do not confuse her “hard-to-catch tactic” by a lack of interest, Betas like to play games as they believe that the more difficult they are- the more will they be desired. Act manly and take the initiative – Betas won’t.

Closing thought: At first glance, most alpha males prefer the beta female, as she seem to be the more feminine and approachable choice. However, bear in mind dear Elite reader that both types have their benefits and drawbacks. The alpha female, being more liberal will probably be open to intimacy with you at an earlier point, but to tie her down is a difficult task. She knows her value and will not stick around with someone who she considers to be on a different social level. On the contrary, the beta-female will take time and consideration before (and if) entering any sexual relationship with you. The reward of an expensive and time-consuming hunt will be an amazing feeling. Be careful though, once you pursued the Beta, she will stick by your side– whether you like it or not.

Anna Madsen | Elite.
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Anna Madsen

Alpha woman, ex Parisienne and with an admiration for Marilyn Monroe: Anna Madsen has a natural passion for champagne and knowledge in handling the opposite sex. In her newly released book "Glamour Puss - A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide on Being a Powerful Woman" she discusses in a bold way how to be a modern lady and controlling men with wit, sex appeal and charm.

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