Pageant Women Are Battling Cyberbullies With #NoMakeupSelfie Trend

Isabella Gaines isn't your average beauty queen.

After spotting a photo of herself on the cyberbullying Twitter account NCOT no makeup, the North Carolina native launched a #NoMakeupSelfie movement to remind women “beauty comes from within.”

A side-by-side photo of Gaines — one with makeup and the other makeup-free — was featured on the Twitter account that has a bio stating,

…the page where you'll find the prettiest NCOT girls WITH NO MAKEUP! Yuck!

Note: NCOT stands North Carolina Outstanding Teen Pageant.

Instead of allowing herself to be hurt by the mean-spirited post, Gaines responded by posting a collage of makeup-free selfies to Instagram. Her caption said,

Rude or ugly comments hurt and destroy self-esteem. Beauty comes from within.

Gaines’ brave response inspired dozens of fellow contestants to follow in her footsteps.

Initially, the movement was confined to Gaines' fellow contestants from Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Pageant.

But soon, people from all over the country began posting their own selfies in support of her cause.

Even Miss America joined in.

Sadly, the bully behind the NCOT no makeup account has yet to stop.

But there's strength in numbers, and these brave beauty queens won't let the haters drag 'em down.

They're more beautiful without makeup, anyway.

Beauty isn't about the color of your eyeshadow or the shimmer of your lipgloss.

It's about who you are and how you treat others…

…and that makes these brave ladies the most beautiful women in the world.

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Gillian Fuller