Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream

I think we can all agree that a major concern of women everywhere, of all ages, is aging. Young girls want to prevent aging skin and aging women want to slow down the unfortunately inevitable process. Shiseido realized this problem, and in 2004 took strides to please women everywhere.

Shiseido succeeded. With their new Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream, Shiseido can reduce sagging, loss of resilience and correct deep wrinkles in skin. This cream improves skin's resilience and firmness while delivering intense moisture.

So how does this product fight the three major signs of aging? With the help of these three ingredients:

  • Bio-Renewal Complex– a patent-pending Shiseido original ingredient that includes Inositol, a type of Vitamin B, and Super Bio-Yeast Extract.
  • Rose Apple Leaf Extract– a powerful antioxidant that protects fibroblasts from harmful stressors like UV rays
  • Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid N– promotes intense moisturizing benefits and helps to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles.

Studies show that results are noticeable after just the first day of use, but after a 4 week study, 88% of women reported that their skin became more resilient and 83% of women reported that their skin became firmer, with just a morning and evening application post cleansing of course.

This product was released last month and can be purchased at for $99/50ml.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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