#HungryGirlProblems: 24 Hilarious Ways Girls Struggle With Food Every Day

#HungryGirlProblems: 24 Hilarious Ways Girls Struggle With Food Every Day
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Many girls, if not most, can relate to the feeling of having a bottomless pit for a stomach. Basically, these women (obviously including myself) can snack all day, seemingly without any feelings of satisfaction, and subsequently continue to stuff their faces with anything they can get their hands on.

For some reason, this seems to be more of a trend for women than it does for men, which makes no sense because those lucky bastards can basically eat whatever they want without gaining weight.

Eating is a crucial part of the day, regardless of what time it is. Each mealtime brings about endless possibilities and opportunities to satisfy our cravings.

We eat when we’re bored, we eat when we’re hungry and we eat just because the person next to us is eating! What are some problems we women face as we try to combat our hunger (whether it’s apparent or just in our heads)? Let’s take a gander…

1. Unrealistic diets leave us starving


Congratulations! You made it to 5 pm! You have successfully adhered to your diet for what seems like the entire day. Yeah right! Diets just leave us starving at the end of the day, as we find ourselves endlessly scrolling through the Seamless app.

2. Every go-to meal is sushi


When you’re trying to figure out where to eat with a group of friends, there really is only one option: sushi, duh.

3. When we’re upset, we eat our feelings


There’s nothing more comforting when you’re upset than a nice tub of ice cream and endless rom-coms.

4. Being hungry automatically makes you more irritable


You can’t focus during the day when your tummy is rumbling. Any and every little thing is sure to get on your nerves until you feed the beast.

5. Going to events hoping food will be served


What do you mean there isn’t food here? I showered for this sh*t and now you’re telling me there aren’t snacks? What a waste of time, water and effort.

6. You seriously question the sanity of whoever came up with the phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”


Well, this person clearly has never had Shake Shack or Jimmy John’s because everything tastes as good as skinny feels. In fact, it tastes better.

7. Food porn on Instagram

Now we don’t even have to waste our calories. We can simply scroll our feeds and live vicariously through other users as we stalk their daily meals.

8. You become emotional when your last bite approaches


As you approach your last bites, you think to yourself, “If only I could start this sandwich over.” Lucky for you, there’s more where that came from.

9. There’s always room for fro-yo


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just inhaled a feast; there is ALWAYS room to indulge in some fro-yo. Ask any girl, anywhere.

10. It offends you when people ask for a bite


This is literally a cheese stick. How am I even supposed to rip you off a piece? If I can’t at least take five bites out of whatever food item I’m holding, don’t ask for some.

11. You’d rather spend quality time with a burger than a man


Everyone knows food is BTS (better than sex). No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

12. Nutella is a staple in your diet


It goes on bread; it goes on bananas; it goes on a spoon. Basically, it goes on everything!

13. Eating just to eat, without being satisfied


Ugh, the worst thing in the world is to eat a meal just to be left unsatisfied. It’s like blue balls for the stomach. #FAIL

14. Using a fancy restaurant to justify a meal


You can’t not get the special when you are eating at a five-star restaurant. It’s just rude to order a salad when there’s a filet on the menu.

15. Skipping breakfast and counting down the minutes until lunch

i'm so hungry

It’s 10:51 in the morning and I’m freaking starving. When is the earliest it’s acceptable to break for lunch?

16. Food FOMO


Oh, it’s real!

17. Being too full to go out


So this one time in college, my best friend and I indulged in such a Rotelli’s feast, we literally had to hoist ourselves into bed by the bed (yes, this does mean we were eating on the floor). Needless to say, we did not make it out that night.

18. You resent people who behave like this at a restaurant…


What is the point of eating out if you’re not even going to order a substantial meal?

19. Everyone’s on some sort of “diet,” but we don’t want to hear about it


Shhh, don’t make the rest of us feel guilty.

20. You have a hard time brushing your teeth at night


That’s just basically saying you’re done eating for the day and that commitment is tough to make.

21. Your favorite holidays are those that revolve around food


You’d rather celebrate Thanksgiving than your birthday.

22. You look forward to getting the munchies


It doesn’t matter if you’re high or drunk. One thing is known: At some point, you will be eating.

23. You find yourself thinking about dinner while you’re eating breakfast


The highlight of your day is what food you have to look forward to later.

24. You are unfamiliar with the concept of leftovers


The only thing I’m saving for later is the piece of cheese that accidentally fell into my cleavage.

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