The 16 Crucial Steps In Producing The Perfect ‘Selfie’

The 16 Crucial Steps In Producing The Perfect ‘Selfie’
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Selfies, we simultaneously hate and love them. Selfies are the only way to know how you look while you’re taking the picture, rather than finding out you look retarded after the fact.

It’s way easier to sneak a picture with someone in seconds with a go-to Selfie rather than asking someone to take a picture for you while you two awkwardly pose with your hands on your hips to create the “skinny arm” illusion.

However, selfies are more complex than what meets the eye. Here are the 16 crucial and tedious steps involved in executing the perfect selfie.

1. “OMG, let’s take a selfie!!”


2. You quickly jump to your good side.


3. You snap anywhere from three to twenty consecutive times.


4. You check them out and realize you’re not as cute as you thought you were.


5. You delete all of the ones that aren’t duck-face, tongue out or frowny face.


6. You edit them on the Be Funky app or on the handy dandy new editor on Facebook upload.


7. You ponder if any of them are Instagram worthy (this depends on what your Instagram standards are.)


8. You wonder if people will judge you for uploading all of them.


9. You decide to upload three of them.


10. You think of a caption that will make you look a little less unoriginal than you are.


11. You wait for the “likes.”


12. After five minutes of no “likes,” you start second guessing yourself.


13. You start checking your phone every minute in a panic.


14. Ten minutes later…still no ‘likes.’ (Nobody gives a sh*t about your selfie?!)


15. You frantically text your besties in the group chat to “like” the pic.


16. Then you ponder the ultimate question: to delete or not to delete?


When in doubt…say no to the selfie.

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